Here are some of the things people have said about my writing:

“Nicholas Morris lures us into the rural backwoods of his imagination, where pastorals are flipped into the macabre and we are left masterfully disorientated…looking over our shoulder with every step.” –Nancy Stohlman, author of Searching for Suzi and The Monster Opera


“Nick Morris’ previous book Tapeworm resurrected my affection for the short story, and in his new collection, The Boy in the Well: 6 Tales of Horror, he returns with the force of a Mortal Coil Fomented Sun! Within these pages you’ll find one of my favorite writers writing in one of my favorite genres; masterfully shedding his gracefully crafted light upon the various horrors that hump humanity; illuminating the weirdness involved with all this too brittle act of existing… Life may not exist without horror, and the short story may not exist without Nick Morris. I love this book.”—Rob Geisen, aka Get in the Car, Helen, author of The Aftermath, Etc.

“In Tapeworm, Nicholas Morris has his finger on the jackhammering pulse of the world within the world where the culture does its fiercest living.  Luminous and livid, comfortingly familiar and disturbingly strange, this is impressive work from a writer to watch.” –Laird Hunt, author of Ray of the Star and Kind One
“Nick Morris’s sharply drawn characters occupy those unique American zones where Urban Legends are born and tabloid headlines are manufactured for the five o’clock news. In Tapeworm his people’s fifteen minutes of local fame or ignominy usually are ignited by a manic desperation, although some sympathetic souls simply wander into their fates. A skillful and bemused black humor lightens his ‘If It Bleeds It Leads’ tales of runaway public folly and hubris.” – Keith Abbott, author of Downstream from Trout Fishing in America: A Memoir of Richard Brautigan
“If Ernest Hemingway had grown up down South in Arkansas instead of ‘Up in Michigan,’ his first book of stories might have looked a lot like Nicholas B. Morris’s masterful debut collection Tapeworm. The fourteen fictional narratives in this dark and compelling story cycle flow seamlessly in and out of each other, connected by theme, setting, and the sometimes-disturbing inner lives of the young people whose struggles shed light on the American South of the early twenty-first century. From the side-splitting resurrection of a zombie Elvis in ‘Second Coming’ to the tragic, ultraviolent consequences of religious fanaticism in ‘Whore of Babylon,’ the stories in Tapeworm rivet the reader in this weird, wonderful world that Morris has evoked with the clarity of a true prophet.” –Andrew Geyer, author of Meeting the Dead and Siren Songs from the Heart of Austin
Tapeworm captures Arkansas.”–The Arka Tech
“Morris’ voice recalls Richard Brautigan–that cynical tilting of the world, the slight disquiet of trying to make sense of a world that has much gone awry in it, and people desperate to figure out how they ended up trapped–either by circumstances or by their own desire to ‘fix’ the world or improve their own lives, since the world has abandoned them to lives that lack the glory they need. Clearly he’s tapped into his growing up in small town Arkansas and his time at Naropa University to create characters that, even in their need to control the out of control and make the universe a comfortable, for them, place, at any cost, don’t repulse us–instead, we’re fascinated and willing to follow them to ends that we often don’t see coming.” —Marianna Hofer

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